Thursday, April 28, 2005

So, Steve says I haven't posted in a while. And I guess, looking back, that is true. I get so caught up reading other folk's blogs during my "blog time" that I forget to post on my own blog.


My Parents are coming into town this weekend! We await them with much anticipation and (for Laura) much cleaning. <-- Example one of Laura becoming domestic. The weather is beautiful, and we are excited to show them around. On the tour I plan to take them by what will (in August) be our new "house." We are moving because...

Steve's gotten a fellowship of sorts, which allows us to live in a very nice neighborhood with a community of graduate students for the sole purpose of discussing ideas several times a week. The perks are: big YARD (complete with gardens for me to work/play in! <--Example two of Laura becoming domestic) indoor pool, recreation room, wireless internet, high definition T.V., rent/utility cost will be half of what we're paying now, we get to have a free meal served to us and discuss ideas (sometimes with a visiting prof, sometimes with just other students) three times a week, we will live 3 blocks from Steve's office and 2 - 4 blocks from a bus that will take Laura straight to work (commute time less than 15 minutes by bus) , and we'll have windows that actually let in sun! (Our current apartment faces north and is in perpetual shade.)
Down sides: Smaller personal living area (two rooms and a bathroom will, potentially, be all we get... although we're in the running for a slightly larger space) and we'll likely have to share a kitchen with other fellows. This may not seem too bad for most of you, but Steve loves his kitchen! This will truely be a sacrifice. We're not sure how we'll handle sharing a freezer with others, ours is always full now! (Steve buys meat cheap, freezes it, and we have whatever type of meat we want whenever we want.)

When we take our folks around this weekend, we'll try to snap pictures and post some here for you to see.

I love my job. (What more can I say?)

Every married couple in my Sunday School is pregnant except me and maybe 2 other couples. Really, what's in the water here?! We have 4 babies expected between August and December of this year! Steve says this will make it possible to live vicariously through others, aka "Laura's maternal instincts will be quelched when she realizes that motherhood includes changing diapers." <-- This could be example three of Laura becoming domestic, but let's be honest, Motherhood is not upon me yet.

Steve's finals are next week. Which is why I'm blogging and he isn't. (Or shouldn't be.) It also means I've done the COOKING the last two days, which is VERY wierd for us. I'm becoming downright domestic. <-- Obviously example four of Laura becoming domestic. If you couldn't get that one, um... well... I'm sure you got that one.

Laura eats with health in mind. Now this one really IS scary. (And, for the sake of this blog, we'll label it "domestic") but it's not my fault, I swear! My doctor made me do it. He's put me on a diet to see if food alergies make my back hurt more. For the last six weeks I've had no white/brown sugar, corn syrup, honey, glutton (cuts out most breads), lactose, red meat, canned-anything, corn, "night shade veggies" (peppers, tomatoes, eggplant), peanuts, or citrus fruits (oranges, and the like.) I've eatten LOTS of chicken, turkey, broccoli, funky glutton-free home-made bread, rice, cashew/almonds, and apples as a result of this diet. I've also lost almost 10 pounds. Now we're adding back the foods to see if any cause my fybromialgia to flare up again. So far, lactose looks like a culprit (although this won't stop me from occasionally buttering my bread) and glutton looks to do nothing. (So I learned how to bake all those funky glutton-free muffins for nothing. That's actually good, though, as they didn't taste any good.) One of my favorite foods from my "you may have nothing you normally eat" diet was the "three seed pancakes" I made one morning. They are made out of pumpkin, flax, and aniase seeds, thrown in a blender, add a bit of water, throw them on the griddle, and WHOLA! pancakes. Sounds wierd, but tastes remarkably yummy with a bit of bananna and brown rice syrup on top! See, look at how good and domestic I am!

Anyone have any ideas on how to strip the "good house wife" out of me before Steve gets spoiled? If so, let me know soon, or I'm DOOMED!

(Note: you have just witnessed a poor attempt to tie random bits of life into a common theme in order to construct a proper blog. Please just nod and smile.)

Friday, April 22, 2005

For the best commentery yet on the new pope, see Peggy Noonan's article from thursday the 21st.

The whole article is good, so I will not include a paragraph here. Just go read it.

Monday, April 04, 2005

Playing with Balloons in a Mob of Drunken Undergraduates

As some of you may know, in the cosmic battle between good and evil, the forces of good won a battle on Friday as UNC beat Michigan State 87-71. It is worth noting that Laura played a key role in pushing UNC toward victory: she began crocheting at the start of the second half, when they overcame Michigan State's five point lead and creamed the evildoers for 18 straight minutes. Don't let anyone tell you that superstitious habits are not effective, the only other game that we have watched in which Laura was not crocheting was the game against Georgia Tech in the ACC tournament, which we lost. Needless to say Laura will be crocheting tonight.

Anyway, I digress, after the game Laura and I headed downtown Chapel Hill with our friend Tim, carrying light blue balloons. We were looking for undergrads making fools of themselves, and were not disappointed. Franklin street was a solid mob of drunk students, many of whom were fascinated with our balloons, describing them in ways which I can not repeat for fear of having our blog blocked by any internet content filter worth beans. We slowly nudged our way toward the central bonfire, had one balloon stolen and another excitedly handled by a poor girl who was probably enjoying the nicer effects of a hallucinogenic drug. About 15 yards into the mob, Laura and I lost courage and headed out toward fresh air, decency and goodness, but our brave friend Tim ventured onward making it into the center, and even taking a few leaps over the bonfire in classic drunk-undergraduate fashion. We were very proud of him, but needed to head home, since we had dreams of being good Christians the following morning (it was close to midnight at this point).

I am not sure that there is a moral to this story, but it was kinda fun.

Hypothetical Question Answered

Though the political science siren song is appealing, I have decided to stick with economics, unless of course I fail out of economics, then I suppose a Poly Sci PhD program would be a decent punishment for failure.

Some of my reasons for prefering economics are documented in my other blog here, here, and here.

Thanks to everyone (except my father) for the good advice.

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