Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Hey, Wick (& Nicki) -- This is a question for you (if you ever read my blog) and a rambling for everyone else.

I mindlessly surfed the internet today, looking for inspiration. I like my current job a lot, but know that in the future (think: when Steve graduates and we have to move) I'll likely not be able to find as awesome of a job. Then I think, "what am I good at, what would I like to do?"

And I mostly think I'd like to be a librarian. But I thought I wanted to be a Social Studies or ESL teacher, and now that I'm almost done with my education (second license in ESL), I'm sure it'd be cool, but I'm not too keen on the hours or lifestyle/emotional drain of a secondary school teacher. I don't want to go get a masters in library science only to discover that it wasn't as perfect a fit for me as I'd originally thought.

So, how do I get my feet wet? Steve'll work in acadamia for forever, so libraries will always be had. What if the career shift happens when I'm finding myself (due to the pitter patter of little feet) only able to work half-time?

If I were an undergrad I could find work study programs in the library. I'm not an undergrad. What do _I_ do?

Please, those who may know, advise.

Tuesday, April 18, 2006

Last weekend was GREAT! I spent it with my family (versions 0.1, 0.2, 4.0, and 4.1 and, of course, my favorite, version 3.1 -- I'm version 3.0) in the deep south, at least 4.5 hours away from the nearest Caribou.

I, of course, missed v. 1.0-1.4, v. 2.0-2.3 (2.3 is still in beta form), and my onliest biological sis, v. 5.0 -- But I was glad to see what family I could!

My favorite moment, besides chasing v. 4.D (D=dog) around the back yard, enjoying the absolutely PERFECT weather, was watching my sister-in-laws face when she saw her favorite drink from Caribou plopped in her lap, cool as the minute it was first made (because it WAS the minute it was first made) complete with whipped cream (courtesy of my brother) and caramel (courtesy of the nice guy at Caribou) -- Even though the nearest Caribou was 4.5 hours away! (5.5 if you include the time zone shift). All because of me (with a little help from Steve - v.3.1). Am I amazingly magical or what?

For the complete story, see here.

Now it's back to work. Two board meetings in one week. One tomorrow, one on Friday followed by a "non mandatory but highly encouraged" fancy board dinner. There should be a law against that (two board meetings in one week) you know? Plus one business meeting this morning that lasted three hours (but was IMMENSELY fun, as we were planning exciting seminars) and a seminar this weekend that is quite labor-intensive (aka, I wasn't supposed to be working it, but will be, because we need twice as many staff as we'd anticipated) all in a shortened work week, make for one VERY BUSY v.3.0. Add to that two papers and one presentation due next Tuesday (all for the same class -- there really should be a law against that, too!) and my side-job of tutoring, and ... well, I don't have time to blog. But my brain is fried, and v. 3.1 is going to be in the lab for at least the next hour, and I don't want to walk home alone, so I sit and type incoherently. I'm surprised you've read this far. This is my life. Husband's life isn't any better, actually is worse. But we'll both be done in two weeks, and on a honeymoon in a little over three. This makes things better. AHHH... honeymoon. How I long for thee. I miss v. 3.1. This weekend was really good, I got to spend a lot of time with him. Being stuck in the same small vehicle helps with that. We chatted, got caught up, and enjoyed discovering the meaning of life, the universe, and everything together, courtesy of a wonderful invention, the "book on tape."

More anon.

P.S. If you're a certain friend from up north whom I've known for almost 12 years (YIKES!! It's been THAT long?!) but haven't been able to connect with recently, I miss you. Call me when you get the chance.

Wednesday, April 05, 2006

So, why haven't I posted?

Here's why. My life is


This picture depicts a representation of my life.
The phones represent competing demands.

Black phone 1: "Hippy commune." We're deciding who comes and stays next year. It's a crazy process. Plus the 5-6 hour commitment per week, can't really get rid of it.

Black phone 2: Work. Sort of required.

White phone 1: Class! Even though I dropped Russian, I'm still overwhelme with reading. I wouldn't be (the class isn't too hard) except I can't seem to find time to do it. If I didn't take the bus to work most days, I'd never get it done!

White phone 2: Katie* (*psudonym) a high school student who is home from school for a while, I tutor her in three subjects for an hour each subject each week. This means going to the school to pick up work, learn the work before I have to teach it, distribute and tutor on the work. It's not too bad, I'm learning lots aout Greek epics and French and stuff. It does take more than 3 hours a week, though, and I don't feel I'm THAT helpful. Today we did history as well. I was so excited... MY SUBJECT! MY SUBJECT!

Shoe phone: Things that I'd like to do, that mean more to me than the other phones. Things like throwing a baby shower for my friend (last weekend), entertaining my aunt and uncle (monday), making soup for a new mother (Steve's doing this as I speak, I'll begin on bread when he's done), and being more involved in church and community in general. Notice how the shoe phone is on the floor right now, and how I don't look happy? Yeah. That's because I want to throw all the other phones (except Katie, she's cool, and I do like work, and the commune isn't too bad) away, pick up the shoe phone, put it back on my foot, and go for a walk in the WAYY beautiful weather that we have down here. I fear I'll miss spring entirely at this rate. It's in its peak. Warm-ish, (light sweater in the morning, shorts by afternoon) sunny, and loads of flowers!

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