Friday, December 28, 2007

I'll be better at posting next month 

First, some catching up.

Over the past month, E has learned about this thing called "unwrapping presents." Here's one of her first Christmas presents, sent to our home (and thus opened early). Thank you P & T for sending us a present! E enjoyed opening it. (This picture was taken about two weeks ago)
She thought it looked just perfect. Here she is showing it off for the camera.
And here she is modeling her new fleece. Perfect for a snowy and cold Christmas!
A smile to say "Thanks T-Dawg and P!"

Christmas Eve Service
Christmas eve at the church E's parents grew up in. E is participating in the children's story and song. (She contributed a few dance moves and screeched heartily at moments. She prefers to think of it as "singing along." She's offended I said "screech" and is taking over the writing of this post.)

Christmas Eve with the maternal side of the family.
Just like grandpa.
These "present" things again. This paper looks like fun.
Grandma got me and my cousins all p.j.s. Great grandma got me my first doll. (Both pictured here.) I love the doll. I thought the P.J.s were comfy.

Christmas Day
Last minute wrapping with paternal grandma.
I can help you Grandma!
Stockings at Great Grandma's house.
My mom was really excited about getting this book.
My cousin and I had fun.
But the best part about Christmas and Grandma's house was, hands-down, the dog. I learned how to say "dog" my first day here and haven't stopped inquiring about him. "da? itdadug!!!" (Roughly translated, "Dog? It's the dog." or "Dad? It's the dog!!!") "da du" "do" or "da dug" is almost always squeeled loudly as I charge towards my target. ("Du," "do" and "dug" all mean the same thing, if you couldn't tell.)

I will be better at posting next month, maybe.

Wednesday, December 05, 2007


It has been a while since we posted about the most important person in our lives. So, what's new in her world? Well, she walks! She's been doing it for a while. The reason you haven't heard of it sooner is simple. These things come gradually, I don't really know when I should announce.

Flash back to about four weeks ago. E take her first step and a half. L gets excited, S swears her to secrecy (practically), saying that if we tell people she tool her first step, they're going to think she can walk, which wasn't true. Not even close.

So we wait a couple of weeks, she still periodically takes a few steps. But she's up to three in a row. We are ecstatic (and fearful of Steve's dissertation progress -- productivity while at home has now plummeted).

Now she takes steps with a bit more confidence. Still, she only ventures out when her desired objective is (a) within perceivable reach and (b) something she REALLY REALLY wants (so, mommy, daddy, or the cell phone) BUT! She has taken a record EIGHT steps in a row now.

Can we count that as walking?

S says "meh." (and motions with his hand, "sort of")

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