Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Strange things are happening here... 

Two noteworthy occurrences happened tonight, of very different nature. Noteworthy because I am sure, in both instances, I will want to remember (with a smile) the image of the babe in my arms after the event.

Tonight in a rare tantrum, E bit me. The catalyst? I wouldn't let her wash any more dishes (she was rinsing, I was scrubbing). In a sobbing fit (after the hitting and biting), cradled in my arms, E could barely get out the words, "Ma... ma.... I... wan... na... do... mo'... dis... ses!" *sob.* She got, instead, an early bedtime.

K started walking unassisted. The catalyst? I stood her up and smiled at her. She smiled back at me and decided it'd be really fun to be in my arms. So she put one foot in front of the other, twice, and then, once within toppling distance, dove toward me.


In less noteworthy news:
Yesterday K & E went swimming in a local pool. If I ever get my hands on S's cell phone, I'll post pictures here. (Or, S, you can...) It was the first time K went swimming, and the first time all season that E would allow her head to get wet.
In noteworthless news:
Today S and I had a date at the mall in the morning. The catalyst? The 40-person long wait at the local license plate agency. It gave us enough time to wander through three or four stores and enjoy a two course lunch at the crepes kiosk.

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