Saturday, June 19, 2010

Sweet bits 

My daughters just proudly paraded into the house from their trip with Daddy to the grocery store. They had big white balloons that said, "Krispy Kreme" and HUGE smiles on their face, with bits of glaze around their lips.

"You guys went to Krispy Kreme, didn't you?" I asked.

"Yeah," they said, with huge grins.

"Did you bring me any?" I asked.

"No," Daddy and E responded.

Meanwhile, clear as a bell, K (20 mos) responded,
"Yeah!" as she looked down at her open and empty hands, "And I ate it."[Here she put her hands up to her mouth to show me what happened, with a HUGE, but slightly apologetic, grin on her face, then shrugged her hands off as if to say, "oh well, guess not this time mom."]

I wish I'd gotten that one on tape.

THAT was sweeter than any Krispy Kreme.

(sigh) They grow up so fast.

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