Saturday, July 31, 2010


My one year old just smoked me in Memory.

In an effort to get K- to stop crying after Daddy and E left on a fun errand without her, I offered her the chance to play a NEW game, one of E's games. A game she's never been allowed to play before (and hasn't really even seen played more than once, as we normally don't take it out until after she's in bed).

We took out the classic Memory Game.

She smoked me. I blame it on not enough caffeine this morning.

Well, I really didn't play against her, so I don't know who won, persay, but 80 to 90% of the time, if I knew where the match was, so did she.

She clearly grasp object permanence, matched well, and remembered well. She was able to name all the objects as she turned them over. And when I set out 12 tiles and she started to "tag team" counted with me (I said "one," we both said "two"and "three" she said "four" I said "five" she said "six" etc.) all the way up to 12. (She said "seven" for "eleven" but I gave her a little grace on that one.)

I think sometimes she forgets she's only one.

Thursday, July 08, 2010

Begging the question (a child development report from Laura) 

Tonight on our way home from a friends house (N & L Carlson, for you life-long Blacknallites), E our mighty three year old, did something that would make any philosopher (and lots of other highly trained academics) proud. She almost correctly used the term “beg the question.” If only she'd stopped there. Her next sentence revealed that her use appears to have been accidental (or merely a mimic) and she doesn’t ACTUALLY grasp the concept. Read on for more. (We were discussing our broken garage door opener. )

Why does daddy have to fix it, mama?

Because it’s broken.

No, mama, that’s not an answer.

Oh, am I begging the question?

Yes, mama, you’re begging the question. Why does daddy have to fix the garage?

I don’t know.

BECAUSE, mama, BECAUSE he has to fix the INSIDE and the OUTSIDE of the garage. THAT’S the answer, mama.

Thank you, E.

And now, for something entirely cute:

My network connection is too slow to post pictures. I'll try again in a moment.

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