Wednesday, April 28, 2004

While Laura set up this blog with very pure intentions, I must warn that there will be a strong temptation for me to use this medium for random political speculations. One of my roommates thinks it would be a shame not to, and part of me agrees.

Hello and WELCOME!
So, you've found your way here. Congratulations. To date I have told no one about this site, so either I decided it was worth looking at or you have found your way here by accident. :)
This is the site of Laura, soon to be forever linked to Steve, the love of my life. Then, for better or worse,this will be his site too -- a way for family and friends far away to keep in touch. I hear it's the "thing to do" now-a-days.
I hope you enjoy, and you'll be able to tell how jobless I am by how frequent my entries are.
Toodles for now!

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