Thursday, February 28, 2008

There's more than one way (to clean a plate) 

Okay, this picture really has nothing to do with the blog below, even though it looks like it should. This is just a shot of E at her birthday party because I hadn't posted any pics, and I know some have requested them.

Now for more news in the world of food and E...

E loves to feed herself. Which is good, because lately I've been giving her meals that entirely consist of foods she can feed herself. Basically because she eats six times a day and (on a good day) I can stand the thought of food maybe once. So, spend very little time putting it on her plate, and then go about my business in that room, thus minimizing L looking at food time.

Well, she's become a little more particular about what she'll eat. If she loves the food, it's gone in no time. If she's not so fond of it, she'll pick at it for a little bit, eat until she's not hungry any more, and then play with it. Previously the "play" consisted of casually throwing it over the side of the high chair until none remained. Then, she was "done" eating and could get down. Daddy chastised her for that. "Cheese is WAY too expensive to be throwing onto the floor little girl!"

The next day she also got cheese (this is what happens when mom and dad don't communicate and switch off taking care of the child -- meals get repeated). But, E had learned her lesson from daddy's scolding.

Several minutes after giving her her meal, Ella spoke up. "Mama? Done." So, I looked over. Indeed, her plate was clean! And the floor, surprisingly, relatively clean as well. But don't be fooled into thinking she'd eaten much of anything. All the cheese cubes stacked neatly into the cup holders of her high chair.

The next day, several cherrios were neatly sorted. Today, the soda crackers (which I gave her to tide her over until her real meal was ready) were also put into the cupholder to signal that they'd been inspected and rejected.


Question for the psych majors: Does it mean anything when kids start walking backwards? Because E can't get enough of it. Walking backwards in circles is SOOO cool!

Oh, and the answer to others' questions is: Calvin.

Saturday, February 23, 2008

Verification of Rumors 

Little Sis will, indeed, be getting married. (If you know her, you BETTER have known this!) L will indeed stand up at her wedding and sign all the important documents. She will just do it with a VERY big belly because...

We are, indeed, three months (more or less) pregnant. Due early September.

S has, indeed, accepted a job offer. We will be moving back to the midwest before the start of the next school year.

We will, indeed, have a VERY busy August and September.

Friday, February 15, 2008


E started celebrating her birthday yesterday, while daddy was still here. She had special birthday pancakes for breakfast, some with chocolate in them (mmm...). What a mess!
Then she unwrapped some gifts from family members. She especially loved the cookset! (She takes after her papa.) She wore a valentines day crown from G&G for about 15 minutes. She didn't really get why a crown was special, but she enjoyed picking out which stickers would go on it.

For her ACTUAL birthday (today) things have been pretty uneventful. She has a cold. :( This morning she got a sweater from a grandma, which she wore with pride all day. She showed exceptional potty training skills (we'll just leave it at that), danced, banged baby-sized pots and pans together, and walked around the livingroom (often backwards, just for fun). Oh, and her first tooth is finally starting to show. Guess she takes after her mama, too.

She's getting so big!!!

The obligitory birthday cake and icecream will come on Sunday, after Daddy gets home. (Do you want pictures?) A half a week of birthday partying! What a lucky kid.

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