Monday, February 23, 2009

More weekend pictures 

By Grace, Another Year 

We had a big weekend! Grandma and Grandpa (aka Mom and Dad) came to celebrate two big events: E's 2nd birthday and K's baptism. Here are some pictures.

BTW, bro -- E LOVES the presents you gave her. Thanks so much!


Please pray for my family. I'm worried about us. I'll keep this short, as this post could very easily become emotional and the complaints and worries could fill a small book.

In short we've all been really ill all season. I'm the "well" one. I realize as I think back that it's not the amount of illnesses that we've been getting that is suprising, but the severity of those illnesses.

[Since Christmas we have had: 4 or 5 ear infections (all E, all lasting at least a week); 4 bouts of pnemonia (1 K, and S just started on his 3rd round of it); and 2 rounds of strep (I'm the lucky one here). E is seeing a specialist tomorrow. S has appointments for two different specialists over the next few months. K doesn't have a specialist, but she DOES now have a trip to the ER under her belt.]

E & S worry me the most, but I do find it odd that K's cold lasted as long as it did when she's getting so many good antibodies from me. E's colds at this age never lasted more than a week.

We've been proactive about vitamins, hand washing, filter-replacing(furnace), mold-removal, and healthy eating choices. I'm not sure what else to do.

Time to end this post. You get the idea. Thanks for your prayers, and please feel free to give suggestions.

P.S. We've thought about the daycare factor, and before they were in daycare on a regular basis, they were going to MOPs and nursery a few times a week, with the same result. A new cold every other week. So although day care is contributing, pulling them out may make things a bit better but is not going to break this cycle by itself-- unless we make a commitment to never go out or play with other kids. Which we can't do.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Happy Birthday, E! 

E is two today.

Because I'm sick and because G&G don't come until next week, party pictures will have to wait.

Cute E story to celebrate the day.

This morning we realized a bit of the generational gap between us and E.

She picked up K's toy keys, said "keys!" then pressed on one of them as if it were a button and said "beep-beep!"


I don't think _I_ did that as a kid, did I mom?

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