Wednesday, July 22, 2009

K steps 

First unassisted step: this morning, Wed July 22 at 7:30 am.
Ten months and two days old.

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

E & $$$ 

E, daughter of Economist.

Last week's cute comment
"We needa go to da store, daddy. Needa buy more money."
To which daddy agreed. As long as the money was being sold for the right price. Say, 80 cents on the dollar?
(E is very into talking about buying whatever we lack... I guess she picked up on our finances?)

S told E they were going to the bank. She got very excited. "Do dey have piggies dere?"

"Piggies?" asked S, "As in piggy bank?"
"Oh... Do dey have doggies dere?" she responded with a sly grin.
"No, no doggies."
"No, no doggies. Do dey have chitties dere?" ...

And on the game went, with E inserting whatever animal she could think of. And maybe making up names for animals when she couldn't think of one? I still don't know what a chitty is. Any ideas?

As to K's development:
K is very proud of her standing and assisted walking skills. Very proud. And her clicking skills (she loves to blow kisses like E does -- clicking her tounge against the roof of her mouth to make a kissing sound).

K is very very very animated. Very animated. And very happy.

Friday, July 03, 2009

Shall we dance? 

A picture of K "walking" (with assistance).

How fun!

Trip to Great Grandma's 

Last weekend we went north to where E & K's grandma grew up. The reason was sad -- E & K's great grandpa's funeral. Spending time with family, however, was delightful. We were especially struck by how similar E and her older cousin look. They look more like sisters than cousins, I think. And they absolutely loved hanging out with eachother. Here are some photos.

K Stands. 

K stands (as of yesterday) and has been cruisin' around the living room all day today. She's quite proud.

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