Thursday, March 29, 2007

E Pics of the Week

E, who had never experienced her team losing before, was quite upset with UNC's elimination from the NCAA tournament. This picture is her reaction, in her UNC garb. (In case you can not tell, she is starting to cry.)

Hopefully we will never have to speak of that game again. Her young memory will fade, and she will be healed of the trauma.

For those of you that remember, I went through a wild period last year, in which I was questioning basic norms of conservative economist hairstyles (see here). E has followed in that tradition:

And here is just a pretty picture of a pretty girl:

We still suffer from lack of sleep.
L went back to work on Monday.
She is now on spring break for a week.

We wait sleeplessly (it's like breathlessly, but more honest) for E to learn how to sleep six hours straight at night. So far five is her record and 3.75 her average. Should be any day now.

We feel mildly guilty for not posting any more baby pictures. I, however, feel a bit MORE guilty about the status of our carpet. We really need to vacuum.

More posts to come later, probably after Ella learns to sleep through the night, giving us energy to do things like vacuum, and then maybe even post some pictures.

For now, stats. The doctors appointment ten days ago (seems like just five cat-naps ago) had her at 9 lbs 8 oz (50th percentile for weight, up from 48th the previous appointment) and around 22 inches long, in the 75th percentile (up from 50th percentile) in height.

Saturday, March 17, 2007

E pics of the week

E turned one month this week. To celebrate, we went into town to get some pancakes and free coffee (a famous coffee chain had a coffee give away between 10 and noon). She felt like a very big girl riding the bus for the first time.

Saturday, March 10, 2007

A new video of E -- She's learned to smile! Now documented on you tube!

Monday, March 05, 2007

(E's Post, in pictures):

YEAH!!! We won!!!

In this short life, I have learned that Devils are bad.
And last night we beat the Devils. That makes us really good, right?

Yeah, I'm cool. I know where I was born. On UNC's campus, baby.

Look at how hard I cheered on our team! ... Okay, so I'm a baby. I have a short attention span. And I sleep a lot. I guess I slept through the whole game, despite the noisy room... Sad. Oh, no! It was on purpose so that mom and dad could cheer on the team... Yeah, that's it! I'm such a lovely child, aren't I?

Sunday, March 04, 2007

30 minutes until the Big Game...

And E is READY!

Raise the roof for UNC!!!

Friday, March 02, 2007

Today's Successes:

1) I again fit into my "fat pants" (pants that are one size larger than my normal size, the ones I reserve for bloated days and Thanksgiving. :) ) This means only one size to lose! Amazing, considering how large I was two weeks and a day ago. This, combined with the fact that I've lost 25 lbs in the last 2 weeks, makes me wonder at my body's amazing shrinking capabilities. Why has she been holding out on me until now?! :) (The University had a contest over the months of Feb and March to see who could be the biggest "loser" -- weight-wise -- I was sorely tempted to enter, pregnant. I don't think they'd have taken me, but I think I could have won. :) )

2) I have a coffee maker! For some of my dear blog readers, this will come as a huge surprise. My folks are addicted to the sweet black brew, and supplied me not only with a machine, but with Caribou coffee to go into the machine. Just in time for sleepless nights!

3) I went until 6 am without waking Steve up for help with middle of the night feedings.

4) E smiled at me. I swear, she did. If grimaces aren't all attributed to "gas," I don't see why all smiles should be. This one, I will say, was NOT a gas smile. It was a "oh, hello mother, good morning." smile of recognition and peace.

5) (This one is yesterday's success, with hopes that I will succeed today in this area as well.) I wrote three thank you notes! Only about 1,000 left to go! Friends & family who have shown us support over the last month or so -- we do truly appreciate you. We will try to get you a card showing that appreciation as soon as possible.Oh, and because I'm realistic and having such problems with thank you notes, I know I will not get a birth announcement out to all my friends. (My new, realistic goal is to get it out to all my family, hopefully in the next month.) BUT, I do want to share the announcement with all of you. It was created by my amazing sister-in-law, Sasha, who lives a quarter of a world away. By copy and paste, here it is! Enjoy!

The world is not all about me. Here are some of the rest of my family's accomplishments:

Ella now is only one ounce shy of her birth weight. Her umbilical cord fell off yesterday. She can turn herself 1/4 of the way around all by herself, and has mastered (more or less) feedings. She has learned the joys of the swing, and allowed it to soothe her to sleep for the first time today (thanks Harpers, for lending us this!) She's also starting to sleep just a bit longer than before at night.

Steve managed to be a great new dad, support a healing wife, have a computer die on him, resurrect said computer (which took many many hours of labor) and prepare a presentation on his dissertation (which he presented this morning) all within a week's time, and with amazing patience and understanding (especially considering other bad news that he's recieved over the past week regarding his dissertation). I am truely amazed at my husband's tempermant and patience. He has blessed me.

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