Monday, May 23, 2011

Adventures in Capitalism 

I recently had to return a piece of electronic equipment to the manufacturer for replacement, and I just got the new item in the mail. My extensive knowledge of economics lent me comfort as I figured that this profit-maximizing firm would find the most efficient way to ship the item back to me. Capitalism = little waste. That's what I teach my students. So consider this an experiment.

E helpfully agreed to serve as my model:

The package seemed large, given the object, let's see if you agree.

Wait, a second package in the box? Bubble wrap no less? Well that is one safe object.

Wait, there is packaging in the bubble-wrap mailer that was in the box! Well now we have gotten to the end, right?

Nope, there is a tiny plastic container in the packaging in the bubble-wrap mailer in the box! Well the thing was safe, anyway.

And we finally come to the object. An SD card. No, wait, a Mini SD card. E is somewhat confused that so small a present would come in so large a box. I am confused too. E asks: "Daddy, is this efficient?" (OK, she didn't, but it would have been sweet if she did.)

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