Monday, May 23, 2011

A birthday card 

My four year old, E, made me a card for my birthday. She loves to write letters, but she doesn't always intend to make words. Often she'll just write a bunch of letters down, and then AFTERWARDS she'll figure out what it says. That's what she did this time. S had the girls in the arts and crafts room in the basement most of the morning so that I could sleep in. While he took my 2 year old to the potty, E snuck up the stairs, snuck into my bedroom, and handed a very blurry eyed mama a card. "Happy birthday momma!" she said, "I made you a card. It says... ... Fumpy." I looked, and there, in large letters on the front of the card, were the letters FUMIMIP. Which, I guess, spells "Fumpy." Which is about how I felt that morning. Older and much frumpier.
What a fabulous way to wake up -- a thoughtful card, AND a reminder not to take ourselves too seriously.

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