Friday, May 20, 2011

A dust of cloud 

S & E & K walked to day care today.
They saw four rabbits and six ducks.
They also saw a lot of fog.

S explained that fog was a cloud. E and K saw that there was cloud all around them, just out of reach. They walked across the lawn trying to get into the cloud. Then they turned around, saw daddy, and said, "Daddy, now YOU'RE in the cloud. Let's go walk to daddy so we can be in the cloud, too." Sadly, as soon as they got to daddy, it seemed the cloud had moved just beyond their reach yet again.

E kept referring to the fog as "a dust of cloud."
"Just like when the Berenstain bears land on the moon," she said, "there was a dust of cloud there, too."

Thing is, I thought it looked like just a dusting of cloud on the horizon as well.

K spelled her name for me today. She does this a lot, and it always goes like this:
"I'm K-I-M-I-A, 2. That spells Kimia." She knows that two is how old she is. She always holds up two fingers when she says two, right after spelling her name. She also knows that she will soon be three. Why she throws it at the end of her name, I'm not sure. I think it's "just in case." You never know what adults are REALLY asking for.

She also practiced spelling "life" today. Because it's her favorite cereal. She explained to me this morning that she doesn't like coffee, but "Life cereal is my FAAAVORITE."

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