Sunday, September 20, 2009

Birthday Girl! 

Congrats, K-- on making it through the first year of your life. We love you so much. Now, to celebrate, for the folks at home, here are some pictures of the birthday festivities. (And K- showing off her walking skills.)

First off is the video of K celebrating her birthday by walking to L.

This picture shows mom and dad playing with K's new blocks once the kids were in bed.

Following the tradition of messy-face pictures on first birthday's, K dutifully pasted her face with bananna cream pie.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

The Squirrel and the Chipmunk 

I sat on the main floor of the library today, reading during my lunch break and watching out the window as students passed to and fro.

A chipmunk and a squirrel caught my eye. The squirrel was closest to me, working steadily at digging a small hole, and then studiously burying it again. Up and down, up and down the squirrel's little nose went as he inspected his work. The chipmunk, in the background, simply skittered here and there, seemingly aimlessly. I had a notion that the chipmunk and the squirrel were somehow related, but I couldn't figure how.

When the squirrel was convinced that his job was well done, he slowly retreated, checking other spots in the ground as he left his buried treasure.

A second had not passed before the chipmunk's skittering brought him precisely to the spot where I'd observed the squirrel. Barely a split second (and flurry of digging) later, the chipmunk had a nut in his hand and was, as if knowing his guilt, quickly retreating from the scene of the crime, getting as much distance between himself and the squirrel as possible.

The squirrel continued his consciencious plodding, oblivious to the theft.

Sometimes I feel like I'm the squirrel.

Sunday, September 06, 2009

Teeth and pox 

K discovered yesterday that one should not gum on one's lower lip once one gets teeth. She was sitting in her high chair eatting when, out of the blue, she started screaming and a little blood appeared on her lip. In case there was any doubt before -- yep, K's lower two teeth are in.

Also discovered yesterday: the chicken pox. All over K's torso, legs, and arms. The case is not confirmed yet, but I've no doubt that's what it is. E got vaccinated for it when she was 1. We're about to discover how well the new vaccine works. I think K will be clear of symptoms by her first birthday. (Here's hoping). And, needless to say, looks like she WON'T be getting the vaccine.


I'm officially an "avid knitter" (I'd say "knitter/crocheter") as evidenced by the three projects littering my living room chairs, and the fourth project stuffed into my bottom drawer at work for "spare moments" like lunch break, or when my computer needs a reboot.

I'm really excited about one of the projects. For Christmas this year I'm attempting something I've never done before. I was inspired by my avid knitter friend in KS, whose attempt at the same project proved quite successful (almost too successful, I'd say, based on the amout of requests she recieved for said item after she completed it). I spent way too much on yarn, and just the right amount on buying the pattern (I'm happy to support those who designed it) and am spending almost every spare moment on it. Wahoo. Who is it for? What is it like? Does it involve "felting" or any other cool knitting technique? Is it even knitted or is it crocheted? ... These questions will not be answered for another three and a half months. But I am excited to see how it turns out. (Some of you, based on my cryptic hints, the ghastly colored yarn littering my living room, and your own faithful reading of KS knitter's blog, may already KNOW what this project is -- but please, keep it on the "d-l.")

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