Monday, October 31, 2005

Today is Halloween

Much of the joy of living in a house of 11 other people (besides us, the "married couple") is that we don't have much say on what goes on. For example, tonight we are subject to a halloween party, something neither of us would have chosen to do on our own accord. I wore brown pants and a brown shirt to work today. Add my gold leaf earrings, and what do I become for halloween? A tree. I'm thinking of borrowing "downstairs boy"'s green towel to make my hair "green" to top the whole thing off. I planned this about half an hour ago. The party started about 10 minutes ago.

Steve immediately decided he was to be a "tree hugger" for halloween (can you hear the "aw... how cute"s?) A cardboard sign taped around his waste that says "Save the Trees" completes (and begins) his costume.

Tonight after our roommates get smashed, we may just venture the two blocks down to Franklin Street to experience one of the nation's largest halloween extravaganzas.

For pictures of what we intend to get ourselves in to, click here.
Now, off to the party before all get too intoxicated such that the party is no longer fun for those of us not intoxicated.

Wish us luck!

Saturday, October 22, 2005

Sweet (Brother's) Home Alabama
This blog is dedicated to all my most blissful siblings, its intent is (if you don't already live in Alabama) to make you wish you'd visited, and maybe encourage you to visit.

Steve and I are nearing the end of our two day stay on base. It's quite a nice gated community. Yesterday we met the newest member of "youngest bro"s family, and went to a static air display on base. There we saw an unmanned helicopter take off, a man sing for military idol, and got to climb around the aircraft little bro eventually wants to pilot, which looks something like this:

Only it wasn't in water. And it wasn't towing three men. (duh, "Static" air show...) AND we saw the Army Drill team perform (that was REALLY COOL) -- Here's a picture of them throwing guns. They did that a lot yesterday. It was kind of like synchronized swimming. Only not in water. And with guns that had blades on the end. So much cooler than synchro. (Even though as an ex synchro swimmer, I have to say synchro is cool. And harder to do than you'd expect. Kind of like throwing guns.)

The whole event felt alot like the state fair, only MUCH cooler.

Speaking of cool, it was in the mid 80's yesterday, and a beautiful (about) 75 and sunny today. Gotta love it that it's mid-October and it still feels like July. :)

Then we played Settlers of Catan (a game I very much recommend) and Risk (which I was in the run for winning until I got bored and sent all my men on a huge suicide mission). Finally we slept.

Today we went to a museum and looked at lots and lots and lots of really cool aircraft, like World War I planes, and WWII planes, and Korean War planes and helicopters and... well, you get the idea. It was SOOO fun to walk around! OOOH, and Laura made us really yummy creps for breakfast. mmm... And I called my husband by my brother's name about 50 bazillion times (100 bazillion if you count the "vica versa" of that). I'm sure my husband and brother did the same with their respective spouses, I just had a hard time catching them at it, though, as we share the same name (actually, she stole mine after I decided to give it up).

And then we went minigolfing, and on bumperboats with squirtguns attached to the front of them (we were SOAKED when all was said and done) and go-cart riding, and arcading. All in all a fun afternoon. I am now slightly burned and very happy. Off to play more board games! I LOVE FALL BREAK!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

I get to see my brother and his wife and their new pug this weekend! I'm not sure how I feel about the pug, but I'm excited to see my bro! Why I'm headed south when one of the worst hurricanes the gulf has known is headed north, I don't know. It's only scheduled to hit FL, but I wonder if it knows that. Brother and wife live about an hour or so from the FL coast, so let's hope the hurricane has things straight and doesn't stray off course.

Brother and wife live too far away, so we'll be headed first to Atlanta where NC friend "Lu Lu" and MN friend "Luke" both live. We will there force them to meet. They're both just bizarre enough, that we anticipate this will be a FUN night. It's awefully convienent of them to live within 5 miles of eachother. Hey, given that they're both new to the area, we may just introduce them to the beginning of a beautiful friendship. Or maybe a "more than friend"-ship? eh, eh? (give Neal elbow nudge and raised eyebrows, which is very similar to a Homer nudge, except less yellow and more five-fingers-ish.)

For now I waste time on a blog waiting for husband to wake up. This is the problem with saying "We'll just sleep in an get on the road after we both wake up." RIIIIGHT. So I wake up at 6:57 and find it impossible to go back to sleep, and almost two hours later, he's still sawing Zzzs. Well, if this blog gives even one of you a bit of joy, maybe it's all worth it.

Have a good day y'all!

Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Hey, Wanna see our blog in French? "How bizarre, how bizarre."

Mmm... Fall. Cool weather, crisp leaves, and housemates cooking potroast.
Now all I need is a trip to the apple orchard.

In other news, I am now a "first cousin once removed." Well, I suppose I've been a first cousin once removed before (Cousin Jim is my first cousin once removed, for those who know my family line) BUT, for the FIRST TIME, _I_ am the older generation in the "once removed." Okay... Due to technicalities, this short announcment has become long. Let me try again.

CONGRATS, cousin Joie, for the birth of your son! Congrats, uncle and aunt, for your first grandson! May he grow strong, old, Godly and wise.

In other-other news, my mom is home from the Congo! (And all the other random countries she was visiting.) Welcome home! I'm proud of all the work you've done, mom! Keep fighting for the widowed, the impoverished, and the down-trodden! YEA mom. (And dad... I suppose you have quite the hand in all this, too!)

On the homefront, I'm busy. So is Steve. Sometimes we see each other. But we are surviving, and almost staying sane. My face is not scarred (I know many of you have asked about the burn thing) and I am totally healed, so that is a blessing.

Since this blog is random, let me suggest a question for you to answer in the "comments" section: "How do you feel about fall?" (worded much as Tri would word it. :)) And if you like it, "What do you like most about autumn time?"

Saturday, October 08, 2005

I Got An Article Published!

I submitted an article to an online magazine called Tech Central Station a while back under the cumbersome title: "Service Sector Jobs In Europe: How The Growth of the Service Industry May Lead to the End of the Union Movement and the European Economic Model." They published the article about a week ago (I just noticed yesterday) under the much more classy title "The Next Proletariat?" You can get the article by going to their main page and clicking on their economy tab, or simply clicking here. You should all go and read it, you might like it.

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