Friday, July 30, 2004

Bugs, Heat, and Economics

Well, I will give you all some highlights that were missed in Laura's short post. The first is the bugs. There are a lot of them down here in NC. Most notable are the Crickets, which look like they are half spider, or, more accurately, they are as ugly as spiders, but as fast as crickets. Needless to say these buggers are not fun to chase around the living room with a paper-towel-of-death.

Also, it is really hot here...'nuff said.

Finally, whoa baby, laura talked about this, but a whole building for economics. It is beautiful. We talked to some older grad students, one of whom has a problem with a jacobian matrix which turned out to be singular on him, and thus his system can not be solved. Bummer. Anyway, I will soon know what they were talking about. At this point I just sorta recognize the words.

Our house is beautiful. OK it is sortof an apartment, but it is still beautiful. Now I am going to run off to have a romantic Target shopping spree with Laura. Catch you all soon.

Alright, I have a feeling that right after I finish this, Steve will enter his comments, and that, combined with the fact that I have yet to figure out how to type with acrylic nails, (*ICK!!! WHY DO PEOPLE DO THIS TO THEMSELVES ON A REGULAR BASIS?!?!*) means a short blog.
Yes, we're home in NC. Actually, we're in a computer lab on the top floor of the econ building. (A WHOLE BUILDING dedicated to the "science of choice.") Our trip down was largely uneventful. More on that later, I'm sure. Our apartment is nice, but a little messy yet. As my nieces would say, "boxes boxes EVERYWHERE..." I have high hopes for it, though.
No job yet, but I think we've found a place where I'll have access to the internet on campus without having to have a log-in. That'll be helpful, as we don't have access at home. The job search officially starts Monday, after I have coffee (maybe) with all Steve's grad folks. Also, and very exciting, I found a phone book in the recycling, so I can figure out the numbers for places without the internet.
Anyway, promised to keep this short. I hope you all are doing well. I miss you, leave me notes!

Saturday, July 24, 2004

I have a cold, and a zit, so life isn't perfect, (windex, anyone?) but the day will come, and it will go, and at the end of it I'll have a new last name.  So I felt I should, as a farewell to my old last name, post one last blog as

Thursday, July 22, 2004

On Our Way
My parents are now answering the phone "Bridal Central."  They are staying at my grandparents house (located in town) and have taken over the living room, with flowers and tooling littering the room in neat "organized" piles.
So I went over to Steve's house only to find it just as busy, people running here and there setting up tables and cleaning like mad.  All seem content to run around like crazy folks, and amid the chaos it occurred to me, "We're almost there." 
A day and a half!
Don't be surprised if we stop blogging until the beginning of August. :)
-Bliss (for now)

Monday, July 19, 2004

I am Important!
One of my minor goals in life, since I started blogging is to get a notable recent comment on Arnold Kling's site, which is considered by many to be the best Economics blog on the internet today.  Anyway, I did it.  You can all go there and see my name along the left side bar along with a preveiw of my brilliant contribution and a link to the entire comment.
If you do so and don't understand what I am talking about, I apologize, if you are really interested and devoted you can read the rest of the discussion and Klings post to see what I am responding to.

Saturday, July 17, 2004

Today I am retiring from a long and distinguished career in the ice cream business.  I will continue, of course, scooping ice cream in a strictly non-professional context, but the stress of the professional ice cream scooping circuit is just getting be a bit much for me.  Its no longer the fun that it used to be.  So I am retiring to academia, hopefully never to have a real job ever again.  I have considered acting as a ice cream scooping consultant, if one is ever needed, so feel free to push my name around ice cream circles in your region.  My one stipulation is that, unless the compensation is especially good, I will do no actual scooping, but instead just apply my years of experience to make other scooping operations more efficient.
To my fans, I apologize that I will no longer be able to scoop your ice cream, you were the best part of my career.  I will continue to answer your adoring fan mail as quickly as possible.

Friday, July 16, 2004

Moving Along
Steve's been blogging on his other site, so I guess it's my job to keep y'all updated.
Today is my last day of work!  4 more hours left, and I'm unemployed.  (Yep, that's right, still no job in NC.  Steve & others have said it'll be easy to get one once I get there, I hope they're right, and I hope I don't get discouraged by the whole process.  I've found it can be quite discouraging.  I'd appreciate prayers in this area.  It'll be one of the toughest things about moving.)
Leaving work might be a bit harder than anticipated.  I'm not terribly tight with any of my fellow coworkers, but I work for 4 people with disabilities, none of whom can speak more than a few words.  I know my coworkers won't miss me much, or if at all, not long term.  It's hard, though, to know how much or if "the guys" will miss me.  As a result, I wasn't prepared for the following:  Yesterday, as I was saying "goodnight" to one of the guys (they had a goodbye party for me yesterday) he got the HUGEST pouty face I'd ever seen.  (I'd turned to say something to another staff, so I didn't notice it at first, but when I turned around, he was most displeased.)  I told him it was okay, he'd see me tomorrow (today) and then it'd only be a week before he saw me again (at my wedding) so it wasn't like I was disappearing off the face of the earth or anything.  As I talked his pout turned into a neutral face, then a smile, then giggles and animated gestures (his way of telling me he's really glad about something).   Enough to make your heart melt!  (It didn't help that he's one of my "favorites" at work, so it was already going to be tough for me to leave him.)  It's got to be tough for these guys, people come in and out of thier lives so often.  It's really not fair.  It isn't so bad when thier family is really involved in their lives, but this guy hasn't seen his family for over a decade.
Warning, abrupt change in conversation.  From sad to happy in three, two, one...
8 days until :)  Yesterday we FINALLY applied for our marriage licence.  The day before I FINALLY got my wedding band in to be sized and um... what's the word... welded?  no, that's not it, but I can't remember the technical term, so that will have to do... welded to my engagement band.  So, I have no engagement ring until Tuesday, and even then I probably shouldn't wear it until the actual day because it'll look like I'm married.  I think I'll still wear it, just on my right hand instead.  :)
We'll get our license and bands back on Tuesday.  Does that mean we can get married that day?  It's my brother's anniversary.  It'd be fun! 
Well, I should get started with MY day.
Toodles, friends and random websurfers!

Monday, July 12, 2004

Well, we just finished our first weekend of weddings. Since we're moving, and Tim decided to get married in his home state, far from us (silly), we'll only have two weekends of weddings, but it still seems like a lot. (Maybe because one is our own.)

On Saturday my cousin got married. It was a bit wierd for a couple of reasons. First off, the only bridesmaid (besides the maid of honor) was a girl that I knew from college, but did not know knew my cousin's bride. Secondly, and most oddly, they were walking down the aisle at the same church, at about the same time, with the same color scheme, as we will be two weeks from the day. It was like pre-deja-vous, if such a thing exists.

On Sunday Steve's debate partner, Terilyn, got married. Steve was priviledged to be a part of the wedding, so early that morning (8 am) he picked me up from work (yes, I was insane and worked Sat. night/Sunday morning) and we drove 3 hours down to her home town. The wedding was beautiful, and featured a "high tea," complete with digestive biscuts. Anyone who has ever been to England would have appreciated the choice of reception. We ended up getting back to our hometown around 11:30 pm.

On Monday I slept in. Steve tormented his mother. Her story is this: She had just gotten back from a long trip to MI to visit her relatives. She got home last night, and was just starting to feel settled this morning when Steve came down and said, "12 days mom." At which time she got a shocked look on her face and said, "12 days?! (gasp)" or something of the sort. Steve, being ever so sensitive, continued to taunt, "12 days, 12 days, 12 days!" His mother spent much of the rest of the morning planning a rehersal dinner. I don't think she really ever felt settled today, after all.

For my part, when I woke up, I visited Steve for a short period, hung out with Neal, played cards, and played frisbee. Totally relaxed, enjoying the fact the wedding was so close. That was, until I realized the wedding was so close. Mid-afternoon the amount of work to be done suddenly hit, and I had a minature melt-down at Steve's feet. I am truely blessed to have him as my man. He was quite understanding and very supportive, despite less-than-elegant way of expressing my stress and frustration. I love that man.

I think tomorrow I'll run away for the day. Perhaps he'll come with me.

A dozen days left of

Friday, July 09, 2004

I realize why I rarely publish here, but check the site religiously.
You see, I make the mistake of reading all my friend's blogs first, and then get distracted by all the cool things going on in their lives, that I forget I've had my own.

Tonight was an emotional night. At the end of work I had a few moments to spare before I had to go so I watched a bit of TV. There was a special on about meth babies. It made me hurt, cry, pray and want to scream all at once. How, why? Terrible. Once upon a time I met a guy who would have been "normal" had his mother not been doing drugs while pregnant with him. Instead, he can't walk, has limited talking capabilities, and is far behind the average boy his age. To realize how he had been permanently scared often made me a bit angry at his mom, and she wasn't doing anything nearly so bad as meth. Most shockingly, a person can get addicted to meth by the second try! It gets the sex drive pumping, so women crave more sex and then (guess what?) get pregnant and give birth to meth babies. What a nasty nasty evil drug!

As I drove home I thought about how life is SO fragile. There's not much difference between me and that boy I once met. And I'm not only talking about the prenatal stage, either. Life is fragile all the way through. I have a friend who was in a car accident in high school, went through the windshield because he wasn't wearing a seatbelt, made a dent in the pavement and stopped breathing. He was revived, but the damage was done. He has not walked without assistance or spoken more than 5 words since the accident several years ago. I wish I could protect the meth babies, have them never have that drug run through their blood. I wish I could protect the victims of sexual & verbal abuse before it happens, that I could stop car accidents from paralyzing and killing people, stop cancer from polluting our bodies... I wish I could do a lot. But I can't, I'm only one.

So, I leave you with two questions.
What good is just one?
How is it best, then, to live?

My heart bleeds tonight.

Wednesday, July 07, 2004

Well, I am finally starting to get better. I worked the first full shift tonight in quite a while, and thus have started to add once again to our honeymoon fund, which is painfully low right now, and it seems that plans for Hampton Inn's have turned into Super 8's, Applebee's into Perkins, etc. Still, we will make it to North Carolina, and that is what counts. If any really rich George Soros types happen to stumble onto our site accidentally, and if they, like Soros, like to give extrodinarily large sums of money to extremely suspect causes, then feel free to contact me about donating to the honeymoon fund. I assure you that Laura will appreciate it.

Actually if I want to draw random donors to this site, I had better put some text in here that they could be searching for....here goes:
Harry Potter Britney Spears Lord of the Rings George W. Bush John Kerry Vice President Iraq War Peace Sex The Da Vinci Code Eminem Economics is fun Spiderman 2 Fahrenheight 911 is bad Michael Moore Atkins South Beach Work from home google games Ebay Clinton CNN Christina Agulera John Maynard Keynes.

There if that does not draw random googlers I don't know what will.

Sunday, July 04, 2004

Ok, I have been sick for way too long. Going on two weeks and two days now. Needless to say this has not been good for my budget (I have been unable to work) and it gets sorta frustrating. Worst of all, Laura and I had to stay home from a trip my family had planned out to Michigan for a family reunion of sorts. Oh well. For all of my friends who think I am ignoring them, I am, but for a good reason. I dont have the energy to be sociable and do fun things. Sorry.

That said Laura has been a wonderful fiance lately, taking very good care of me and entertaining me when I am bored, plus working a full time job so that we do not starve come August. So three cheers for Laura.

Friday, July 02, 2004

One comment to go with that last post.
Here's where I found it. Go to this site. It's cool, and has much better commentary than I ever do.
Plus, the guy that runs it is cool. You should check out his new book, "Bright Orange Sweater Coat," and maybe even buy it.
(There, I think I've made up for my faults.)

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