Thursday, January 27, 2005

Renter's Insurance - Sort of...

We found out a few days ago that someone's insurance company is holding us responsible for the damage to the apartments from the pipe bursting incident. This is no surprise, as we did not leave our heat on. We sent off the stuff to our insurance company to deal with, since we have enough liability insurance to cover the reconstruction of the entire building (almost). In conversation with our insurance company's representative, I found out a neat aspect to our renter's insurance policy: it does not cover the apartment that we are renting. Sure, it will cover the damage to all the apartments around us, which we might be liable for, but not for our liability for our own apartment. So now we have to deal with a bill from our apartment complex for the work they did to fix our apartment.

In theory I know that this is all legal and whatnot. We signed the contract, we have a copy of the policy, which I had to study for about 45 minutes before I concluded that they were correct. Still, it seems that something wrong is happening here. When we signed up for the policy, I imagined that this was precicely what the policy was for. It never occured to me that we would pay for these damages.

As an economist I understand why they create the policy the way that they do. If this insurance incurred no cost to us in the event of negligence (like leaving the heat off in Dec/Jan). Then there would be little incentive for us to take care of our apartment and be cautious. It seems that a better way to do that, though would be with a deductible like they have on our other policy, which covers our possesions (no, the policy covering our possesions does not cover our apartment, since we do not own it.)

Well, here I am talking economics on our non-economics/politics blog sorry, I will stop now.

Thursday, January 20, 2005

For the curious...

The job is working for a department that is in charge of planning weekend conferences on humanities-type subjects. The conferences usually attract retired professors and teachers in the area. Check out the website.
It's a small department, only about 8 people, but they are all quite friendly and most definitely the academic-type. My coworkers would be, on average, about 20 years older than me, almost all with PhDs. They are wonderful welcoming people, so I think I'll feel at home. :) I really look forward to working with them.

I hope that answers your questions!

Wednesday, January 19, 2005

Snow Day!

We got a light dusting of snow today, so Laura is getting off work early! We are celebrating with dinner downtown. Gotta love North Carolina.

P.S. For those of you who do not know, but would be interested in knowing -- MY BROTHER IS ENGAGED!!! His fiancee's name is Laura, which means there will be another "me" running around. (She'll take on my old maiden name... weird.) I'm sure it will be confusing for the first few family gatherings ("Laura B" -- we both turn. "Laura M." -- we both turn.) Oh, yeah, her maiden name is Michnay, which when pronounced sounds a bit (at first) like McMullen... so this will be an interesting switch. I'm VERY excited!

I got job B! (Which was my preference.) I just called job A back to let them know I'd not be working with them. That, by the way, is the HORRIBLE thing about all this. I've never been in a position where I'd had two job offers within a week of each other before. And I'd truly been excited about job A... :( They were disappointed and sounded like I'd just crushed them. I felt SOOO bad.
C'est la vie, is what I've been told. But that doesn't mean I have to LIKE this part of la vie.

Monday, January 17, 2005

Friday's job interview with job C (no colored text this time, sorry...) went well. I wasn't impressed, though. The principal didn't know when he'd start needing me (even though there was a clear vacancy currently) the commute is 45 minutes, and when I asked him what he liked/took pride in with his school versus what he would change, he responded "everything." When I asked for clarification, he said, "If I could, I would change EVERYTHING about this school."
I don't think I'll hold my breath for that job.

Job B is having me back tomorrow! One of my references (from ITS for you ITS folks that read this! :) ) said he thought that, from his phone conversation with them, that job B would offer me a position! I meet with their director at 9 am. Think of me!

Praise for lots of clear direction!

Call me if you'd like more info!

Thursday, January 13, 2005

New Job(s?)
As some of you already know, in December it became obvious (for several reasons, none of which include the pitter-patter of little feet, thank you very much!) that I needed to find another place of employment. I am happy to announce that that search has been successful! Perhaps TOO successful.

Over Christmas break: Contacted job A, set up time for job interview for when I got back to NC.
Last week: Got called by job B requesting an interview. Set it up for this past Tuesday.
Last Friday: Job interview for potential job A. They wanted a second interview, so set it up for Tuesday before Job interview B.
Tuesday: Second interview for Job A in am. Go home for lunch to find out someone from place C has called, wants to set up an interview. Quickly contacted place C to set up an interview for tomorrow (Friday). Then dashed off to interview for job B. Come home to find out job A has recommended me for employment to their HR department, pending criminal check (which, of course, I'm terribly worried about. smile.) Then dash off to work to give my boss my two weeks notice.
Wend: Write job B to tell them I'd prefer working for them, but I had been recommended for employment elsewhere and wanted to know if I was still being considered for their job. Contact health offices at UNC to let them know I need to have a TB test for for job A, and set up a time for that.
Thursday: Job B writes back, say they like me, and could I please wait three business days before formally accepting another position so that their director can get back into town and meet with me. Set up interview for NEXT Tuesday before work. Job B also called my current place of employment to "check up on me." I answered the phone, which was a bit akward to me, though no one else seemed to care. My boss hopefully told them I'm a wonderful person. :) She already knew she was losing me. (I'd explained the "multiple job offers" thing to her a couple hours before they called, knowing job B wanted to talk to her.)
Friday: Tomorrow. We'll see what comes! A job interview in the wee hours of the morning, (with job C) and then off to work.

I'm struggling with deciding which job to take. B is DEFINATELY Steve's preference, because it puts me DEEP in the realm of "Acadamia," pays better, and offers me a coveted on-campus parking permit. (Worth its weight in gold in this town! Granted, stickers don't weigh much, but that's beside the point, because we don't have a lot of money, so even a little gold is quite valuable.) A, however, would have me gardening part of the time... mmmm... and C puts me in my field, which I guess would be a good thing eventually, but it means homework again. A & B also mean homework again, though, because as part of my benifits package I get a FREE CLASS a semester! No WAY I'd pass that up!

Well, keep me in your prayers! I'll let you know which one I choose (or chooses me) later next week!

Smiles to all my friends and family out there! The high here today was 74! (GLOAT!)

Monday, January 10, 2005

All Quiet On the Western Front

I finally finished All Quiet On the Western Front by Erich Maria Remarque, and decided to reccomend it to anyone who is interested. This book is depressing, it is harsh, the plot is sketchy at best, the characters are one-dimensional (except the protagonist), but overall it is well-written and powerful. The book follows the experience of one fictional soilder fighting for the germans in the trenches of World War I. The horrors of war are described in some detail, which makes this heavy reading at times. The book attempts to explain how the soilder copes with the horror around him, which is what makes the novel interesting.

Update: Laura thinks that my review is too ambiguous and perhaps uncomplimentary. So here goes: I did think, in the end that this book was worth reading, and it is probably far better than I give it credit for. Go read this book. If you have not already. Cause then you probably won't want to. Except that its a good book. Really good. Just not great. OK, I am glad I cleared this up.

Thursday, January 06, 2005

New Website

I remade my school webpage, partly because the first one was badly done, and partly because it would not veiw correctly unless you were using Internet Explorer and had some neat features.

Incidentally, mozilla has a very nice tool for creating web pages. Check out the new page if you like by clicking on the link to the right.

Monday, January 03, 2005

It's all History

A preliminary check on our stuff was done last night when we got back from MN (about 12 am). So far it doesn't look too bad (more info on that to come later, I'm sure) except for all my history notes. CWC from 5 semesters of TAing, my CWC class readings, Roman Civilization notes, etc. All gone, stinky and gone. (Well, not yet. I'm having a wake tonight, to have one last look at them before they're buried.) It hurts, you know, it really hurts. I can REPLACE books, I can't replace notes. And when you're a history major with a tiny memory, this loss is significant. These notes were going to help be the foundation for courses I would teach in the future.


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