Monday, August 25, 2008


S got Watchmen out of the library. Since he's faculty, he gets it for six months. I only needed it for two days. I have now completed my first graphic novel.

It was very well done. Very dark, and very well done. (Not appropriate for younger viewers.) It makes you think about the nature of life, to say the least. Since I didn't major in English, I can't elaborate on it any more than that, my words fail me. But it is a piece of art, and I can see why it is heralded as one of the best graphic novels, as a turning point in the world of graphic novels (a world that has hitherto been unknown to me). Again, I warn, it is dark. Do not read if you want a happy novel.

I will not say anything more for fear of ruining the plot for you, but I will say you should spend a weekend and read it (if you are over the age of 16). It's faster to read than the first Harry Potter book.

On the plus side, I now understand this trailer, and am excited to see the film.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

The newest addition to our family! 

I got a new family member on Saturday! Welcome to the fam, J!

S's wedding was beautiful. I was so glad to be able to participate. The pregnancy did not cause me (m)any problem(s).

While watching three other bridal parties get photographed in the downtown area of our "home town," I decided that S's color scheme was the best.

She was also an amazingly beautiful bride.

In other news

We are now home. Saw my doc today, all looks well. She asked if we'd named our child yet. I said that we thought we had, but that the name was a secret until the birth. This was her second time asking, I think she forgot that she'd asked last time. That said, it's close enough, I'll give my family one clue. If in Cyrillic, two letters look/sound like their western counterparts (phonetically, not with crazy western spelling taken into account).

If you can guess it based on that, I'm truly impressed. My purpose is not so much to give away the name, as to get you to stop calling her by terribly wrong names.

For example, S, note that "Quagnus" only has one letter that sounds like its English counterpart -- and that's only if you stretch it. (The "s" at the end of the word would be a "c" in Russian... so looks like a "c" and sounds like a soft "c" "QU," on the other hand, would be "KB" which does look a little like English, but doesn't sound like it.) So, S, you can (please) stop calling her Quagnus. Thanks.

"Bella" almost fits the requirements, dad (just a funny looking B) so you may continue to refer to her as such. Don't be disappointed if her name is not Bella in the end, though.

Friday, August 15, 2008

Bed rest at inlaws 

I am at my inlaw's house on bedrest.
I will be on "bedrest" tomorrow, as I walk down the aisle to witness one of the most important days in my sister's life.
It may be "risky," but I'm glad I'm here.
Don't worry, I consulted my doctor first.

Friday, August 08, 2008

Okay, definately on bed rest 

Four hours of uncontrolled labor (plus some).
Three hours in the hospital.
Two shots to develop the baby's lungs quickly.
One pill taken every six hours to stop/relieve the contractions.
Zero babies born.

Life is still good.

Sixteen hours later, contractions are still happening, but the pill seems to be doing its job of keeping them light. Still too frequent for my comfort.

Gratefully I am not hospital-bound.

Unfortunately, I think I may be home-bound. It appears no bed rest on the road for me. (Still holding out hope that I can leave later and still make the wedding, though.)

Thankfully, although I know relatively few people here, the ones I do know (or know of) are quite supportive. I think, LN, that your parents are bringing me dinner. It brings tears. I've never even met them before. And the one who should be getting all the lime-light, the dear bride-to-be, is also more supportive than I could have imagined. That brought more tears. If things don't work out, I'm really going to miss you next weekend, sis.

Thanks for your prayers.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

Back on bed rest 

The fFN test results came back from the doctor.
The result came back positive. Thus, it appears that my body is (to some extent) gearing up for labor. (This does not mean labor is imminent, just that it is a possibility. For more on the test, and what the results mean, see here.)
SOOO... I'm back on bed rest. (But still going to SI's wedding) I guess this time if I start having labor-like pains again, I'm NOT to wait it out.
If you'd like to visit or call, I'd love to hear from you.
Back to my knitting now.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Off strict bed rest 

I can move about! Be free!

For reasons I shall not go into on a public blog (do you really want to hear about all the medical details?) I have been given the "all clear" to continue somewhat normal activity, although I'm still supposed to lay down and drink water if contractions start up again.

So, I'm off of bed rest!

Most of the time.

I'm still limiting activity a little bit, as my last scare felt a bit too real, but it looks like baby isn't THAT intent on coming out any time too soon.


Sunday, August 03, 2008

Bed rest 

I'm officially on (hopefully temporary) bed rest, as of 9 pm yesterday. My MD (as opposed to the family PhD) has declared this, so this time I follow the "doctor's" orders with a bit more vigilance. Besides, maybe if I'm REALLY REALLY good, my doctor will let me go off of bed rest and drive to/be in my sister's wedding in a couple of weeks.

I guess I have time to blog now.

Here are some pictures for y'all to enjoy.

E plays the mandolin and contemplates life.
Early July 2008

Thanks to S.R. for this suggestion! E has loved playing with bubbles on the back porch. She's made the most excellent bubble soup over the past few days. (Picture taken last week.)
This is from my last day of niece-sitting. We tried to weave palm branches together and decorate them with flowers like the Congolese do to welcome friends back from long trips. Unfortunately, we lacked palms. So we wove ferns together. We didn't QUITE finish the job before their Mom and Dad got back, but we got pretty close, and the sentiment was still felt.

Also from my last day niece-sitting. Ah, look! All the money I invested in Kirsten paraphernalia is paying off, for a second generation! (My niece's Molly doll inspired me to bring my doll and clothes out of hiding.)
On the way home from my bro's house we found ourselves on side roads to avoid terrible interstate traffic. Taking the road less-traveled really DOES make all the difference. We found our own park!

At first glance, the park didn't have much that was too cool. A few slides and swings, lots of camp sights, a small lake and woods. Still, E managed to find her prince.

That's it for now! Over the next few days, feel free to write or call. (Or if you happen to live in the area, feel free to drop in!) I will, I promise, not be occupied with other matters.

Friday, August 01, 2008

Blog musings because I have no friends here. 

I now subject you to random thoughts I've had over the past week, thoughts I've wanted to share with someone other than S, but alas, I have no friends.

I love living in a house. I feel so much more settled. And I like gardening. It looks like I didn't have a brown thumb after all, I just lacked proper sunlight in my CH apartments. We'll have raspberries and cucumbers and herbs, and I'll have had a part in helping them grow. We have beautiful flowers that are a bigger joy to me than I imagined.

I didn't realize I missed the fourth season, but I find myself getting really excited about having it back. An excuse to warm the house by baking bread and making hearty soups. I look forward to sitting in the living room, sunlight streaming in the windows, cold wind blowing outside while I crochet with my feet up, smelling my warm creation bake in the oven, watching ????? sleep on the floor while E naps in the next room.

YIKES! When did I become domestic? (Oh yes, that's right, when I got a house.)

I'm glad I'm pregnant now when I don't have friends to do fun stuff with. I got an invite from a listserve I was on in CH. Turns out some of my friends are kayaking tomorrow at a lake near by my old place. I want to go! But, alas, I'd probably not even fit in the boat. I also really want to go water skiing, biking (the weather here is PERFECT for it), on amusement park rides, and hosts of other things I shouldn't be doing while 8 months pregnant. So, it's good that I'm stuck being very pregnant the one summer I have no friends to do crazy things with.

I love the out doors. Especially in the north. The summers are PERFECT here. I'd forgotten that, being down south. I have been dreaming up loads of trips that my family will go on in a few years, once E and ? are old enough for that sort of thing. I want to go on canoing adventures in the boundary waters, pick wild blueberries and make blueberry pancakes over an open fire. I want to teach my youngsters how to make a good fire and hunt for fire wood, filter water at the side of a crystal clear, cool lake, etc. Now all I have to do is cure my husband of asthma.

I think those are my musings for now. D&S, I miss you and am glad you're coming home! See you in a week!

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